Saturday, February 19, 2011

Growing Engineering Community

I think hires english majors to make the normal weather days seem more interesting. Here is a sampling of the forcast for my area: a mainly sunny sky, cloudy, mix of sun and clouds, abundant sunshine, partly cloudy, a few clouds, and a mix of sun and clouds.

Cloudy and abundant sunshine are obvious, but how should the others be ranked? What is the scientific conversion into percentage of cloud cover? And why are people so obsessed with what the sky looks like? Doesn't everyone work in a windowless room with no clocks anyway?

Also, Scientopia is hosting guest blogger, FrauTech, who is part of It's a new blog site for us engineers. Can't wait to get some chemical and biological engineers on there to round out the discipline.


  1. We've been trying. Not so easy! We're open to suggestions, though.

  2. Not that anyone would guess from my posts, but I hold degrees in both those fields.