Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun ancedotes for Monday

I am giving my first exam of the semester next Monday morning. After today's class a student came up to me and asked if they could take the class on a different day. I asked why. They said that they were going on a vacation with their parents over the weekend. (strike one) I played along, will they not be back by Monday morning? No, they were coming back Sunday night, but then would have to study all night for the exam. (strike two) Would you rather take the exam on Thursday before you leave so you can enjoy your vacation? Maybe. When would you study for the exam if you took it on Thursday? Wednesday night. I think you should take the exam on Monday and study Wednesday night before you leave and hope that you don't forget everything before Monday morning. I guess I can study Sunday night. Great.

I ordered an under the counter safety cabinet. I assumed that under the counter means it fits under a counter. It arrive today. It is taller than a standing height work bench. Ugh. Hello new bright yellow benchtop space.

In my mailbox at home was a letter from my current employers College of Professional Studies. They invite me to hone my competitive edge and earn a graduate degree. I wonder if I can get credit towards a degree for a class that I myself teach. I've known TAs that were students in their own class, why not professors?

And it's only Monday.

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