Wednesday, June 27, 2012

poor folks

Can the peeps that don't come from upper middle class families/academic/professional degree families please raise their hands? I've been working on some blog posts that I hope to have up soon, but after the last few weeks of conference schmoozing, i'm not particularly enthralled with academic snobbery. Ooh, my entire family are doctors and engineers or lawyers. Academics are some of the worst 1% because they pretend to relate to and empathize with the common man.


  1. My mom had an equivalent of an associate's degree (2 years of college) and my dad had a BS, got his MS while working full time (as the kids were growing up). Plus I am not even from this country (the US, that is). So FWIW, I definitely don't have a fancy familial academic pedigree.

  2. I'm trying to think if the backgrounds are more skewed for US folks with our anti-intellectualism and all that discourages common folk from pursuing Ph.D.s and faculty jobs.