Thursday, December 30, 2010

Erratic sleeping patterns

Given no external constraints, I feel best working until 3 or 4am and then waking up at noon. That's part of why I started a ridiculous blog a few years ago about having one international time zone. Also, in this business we travel quite a bit and regularly deal with people in different time zones.

I thought that as I got older, I would shed this foolish college schedule. But I haven't been able to. I tried hard as a postdoc to be at work by nine, but invariably I would end up coming in at ten or eleven. That was ok because I didn't really have any reason to be in earlier, other than to avoid being perceived as a slacker by the normal people. The scheduling flexibility is a big reason why I chose to stay in academia. Then I got this job, and the scheduling gods decided to stick me with an 8 am class. I frequently ended up getting only 2-3 hours sleep because I just could not be productive during the day, and to get anything done at all I would end up working most of the night. I do have quite a bit of luck in life though, and next semester I have a later starting time. (Statistically speaking, I am more lucky than the average human being, but that is a discussion for another post.)

When I get up with the rest of humanity, I am somewhat productive until about noon, then I completely can't concentrated all afternoon. I start being productive again around 5pm. My dad also prefers working evening/nights. When given the option, he chose to work second shift at his job (roughly 1pm to 1am including commuting). Can there be genetic tie in circadian rythym? Can it be shifted permanently? Can I get some funding to study this? Can I then participate in the study and use that as an excuse to not have anything ever scheduled before noon?

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