Saturday, April 23, 2016


So this week I received a letter in my mailbox at work from the Provost's office. The letter states that the Provost is recommending to the board of trustees that I be promoted to associate professor with tenure. Can I start calling myself a tenured professor or do I need to wait until the new school year starts? When do I throw myself a party? My schools leadership doesn't bother making any announcement or acknowledging this accomplishment.

My department is already treating me as a tenured professor. I really feel like they are setting me up for an administrative path, maybe to be the next department chair. I've had a bunch of new admin tasks hoist upon me this spring, could partly be because of me raising questions and commenting on inefficiencies of how the department is being run. I don't mind doing these things if they actually become enacted, which since I'm not chair, it's not obvious that they will be. I also seem to be pretty good at them. The question is, is this me? I've never seen myself as going the admin route. I'm not good at fundraising, which seems to be the most important part of my chair's job (also the only thing they seem to be good at).

I love science and engineering, but my funding levels suggest that I'm mediocre at these endeavors. What is the best metric for evaluating science/engineering accomplishment in academia? All of my graduated students have gotten great jobs in industry or gone on to top graduate programs. I publish regularly, but only in mid-level journals.

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  1. Congratulations !

    My understanding is that if the provost is recommending you as tenured professor then you are sort of done. However, I think you will have receive a letter from the board that you are not tenured (which my understanding just a rubber stamp after the provost recommendation).

    Congratulations again ! This is a great accomplishment (I hope I get that letter too someday..I have few years though).

    Administrative path can be good and bad. Bad is that you will have to do a lot of admin stuff which will take away time from your research etc. Good is that you wont have to write as many grants and just focus on getting gift money etc. from different people.