Thursday, April 9, 2015

April Rollercoaster

We're (my colleagues) noticing a change in our incoming graduate students. They feel more entitled. I'm a huge advocate for improving working conditions for graduate students and postdocs, but there also needs to be a balance, because after all, at least in engineering, this is a major career advancement opportunity for them and they get out of it what they put in. These folks just work less and complain. We've even had students complain to the dean that too much is being expected of them. I'm talking 60 hour weeks, in my mind this is not unreasonable. Has anyone else experienced this with their new graduate students?

Beyond that, things are again getting better in my little world. I've had a particularly productive few weeks.

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  1. Hey, it doesn't even have to be 60 hrs/wk-- even if they put in 40 serious hours per week, a ton would get done, and I would be ecstatic. But among the loudest whiners it's more like they sit around for 40-50 hrs per week, of which they work 15.