Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stupid MIT

MIT can go f*%& itself. I just sat through a dinner with a few MIT alumni and that and their kids is literally all they could talk about. I'm sorry, I didn't go to your little brainwashing innovation fest. And by the way, having kids just to run an 18 year experiment is a piss poor reason to have kids. How about not creating more of your awkward retarded selves. I posted about this before I think. You just continue to reinforce my stereotypic view of your school, at least at the faculty level, of how self-centered and boring and elitist you really are. Thanks for looking down on me and my mediocre school. I chose not to go to MIT. Deal with that.


  1. Confused. Were these undergrad alums or faculty?

  2. faculty. I don't know why, I can never connect or make small talk with anyone from that school. MGH and Harvard are almost as bad. Luckily I've always managed to meet nice folks and make friends at just about every other place on the planet, including places like CalTech, Berkeley, and Cambridge. These guys though are like a secret society inside the old boys club.

  3. I actually know a perfectly nice, very accomplished senior prof from MIT. He's never been one to chase glitzy journals, just a very solid, thoughtful scientist, and he's not obnoxious at all. But, I would say he is a real rarity and agree that most others are quite insufferable.

    I sometimes get looked down upon by folks, even relative younglings, with these super high pedigrees (I love it when a faculty candidate has to ask within 5 minutes where I got my PhD, and then mentally degrades me to the level of shit on his shoe after hearing about my school. Which is a bad idea because I am the search cte chair.)

    Some people are just insufferable snobs.