Friday, September 7, 2012

interpersonal communication

In the midst of selecting new students for the lab. We have multiple students that described themselves as having good interpersonal communication skills. What would be really great is if they had included their intrapersonal communication skills.

I'm curious if other T/TT folks out there are influenced by how the candidate looks on paper, especially by GPA/GRE scores that might allow them have a better chance of obtaining external graduate fellowships? I haven't been on one of these panels, but from having applied and having seen a small sample of other students apply, it seems that those less important (in my eyes) criteria are heavily weighted in the decisions.

Also, how much do you push/assist your students with these applications? After all they are newbs and (especially in my field) have never even heard much of the terminology of what they are about to embark upon for their Ph.D.s.

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