Friday, January 14, 2011

Shaking my head in disbelief

I hate constantly ranting. It makes me feel bad. But it really feels like I have nothing good to say about anything at the moment. Today's annoyance:

As mentioned in my previous post, I've been on a spending spree, buying toys for my students as well as all the mundane things that only I find cool, like Parafilm. Today I get back to my office after a full day of pointless meetings to find an email in my inbox from our purchasing department. It says that my purchase can't be completed because of insufficient funds. WTF?! So I haven't been tracking my accounts on our archaic university system so closely, but I have been maintaining my own spreadsheet which shows that I should still have a few thousand left in this account.

So I walk over to our local purchasing person to inquire politely about this. I get the same comment. You are out of funds. We have no idea why. Check your monthly printouts. Yes folks, printouts. So I've now spent the last two hours of my life matching up my purchases and internal accounting with the university system. I've found the problem. This is focken unbelievable. 1) I submit a form with the amount I want charged for a purchase. 2) I submit the quote I get from the company to confirm the amount. Now I don't really care what the quote says, just what the bottom line is. Sometimes the quotes are "fancy" with full prices and the discounts subtracted so I can see my "savings." Now for some genius reason, our braindead people use the quote instead of the form to figure out what to enter into their stupid arse system. So they enter the base amount on one line, then enter the discount on another line. They do enter it as a negative number to indicate the discount. very clever. EXCEPT, the system doesn't subtract out the negative numbers. So I've been getting charged the full amount on things. Hence the discrepancy. Luckily it looks like it's only happened twice.

And actually, I even caught this once because the vendor called me and told me that they got the wrong amount. I told our people that they sent the wrong amount and they attributed it to a typo and I bought it instead of following up. Now it happened on a big item and several thousand dollars got sent to a vendor and I can't buy my stuff. And who knows how long it will take for me to get my money back into the account?

And this is only one of today's headaches.

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